[plain_title heading=”h2″ style=”double” txt_align=”text-center” show_underline=”hide” title_bold_txt=”YOUR SMALL BUSINESS HR SOLUTION” override_default_size=”30″ description=”HR Squad is about helping smaller organisations, start up organisations, innovative organisations and fun organisations, get their people stuff right.”]
[tri_services2 style=”circle-empty” lg_heading=”HR Strategy Development ” icon=”icon-icons96″]We can help build a strategic organisational roadmap for your business, one that supports the “people priorities” and ensures you are focused on doing the right things at the right time.[/tri_services2]
[tri_services2 style=”circle-empty” lg_heading=”Talent Assessment & Coaching” icon=”icon-arrowstreamlinetarget-1″]Identifying and mobilising your best people are the keys to any great business. HR Squad can offer you assessment and coaching solutions, in addition to building talent tools that can be leveraged within your organisation.[/tri_services2]
[tri_services2 style=”circle-empty” lg_heading=”General HR Consulting or Support” icon=”icon-chat-1″]HR Squad is available to provide HR expertise across the whole employee life cycle. Performance management, policy and process writing, facilitation, are some of the many examples of the complete HR service we can offer to you.[/tri_services2]
[tri_services2 style=”circle-empty” lg_heading=”Leadership Program Development” icon=”icon-presentation”]HR Squad are passionate about innovative development solutions for organisations and intact teams. It might be a talent program, graduate program or a diversity program that your organisation is wanting to explore, HR Squad have the knowledge and experience to do them all.[/tri_services2]