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[plain_title heading=”h3″ title_bold_txt=”STRENGTHEN YOUR IMPACT AND CONTRIBUTION”]

This networking group is for emerging HR talent looking to be at the forefront of HR knowledge and disruption. The group will decide which topics they would like to tackle, hear about and be exposed to.


  • Share knowledge, information and issues you might like to solve in a confidential environment
  • Build strong HR networks to collaborate and learn
  • Learn from best in class leaders in many fields and disciplines (not just HR)
  • Keep up with current trends and industry insights
  • Understand how to increase your value to your organisation as an HR Partner
  • Have some fun!


Emerging HR Professionals


  • Meeting for 1.5 hours every 6 weeks as a group
  • Melbourne city location (most of the time)
  • Lainie Tayler available throughout the program as a mentor
  • $3,000 + GST per participant for 12 months. ($100 of each membership will be donated to HerSpace, a non-for-profit providing mental health services to women in Melbourne who have been sexual exploited.)
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