Jord International engaged HR Squad to deliver a global talent and leadership program to enable our employees to build on their interpersonal skills and enhance their self-awareness. Lainie Tayler is an extremely experienced and highly professional leadership coach. By partnering with HR Squad and leveraging Lainie’s skills and coaching to develop our leaders at Jord, we have seen a measurable improvement on the ability for our employees to lead self and others.

Erin Collins

Jord InternationalGeneral Manager People & Culture

NDY has been focussed on continuing to build our internal leadership capability and talent management practices across 2019. Our people are our biggest asset, and the ability to attract, develop and retain top engineering talent across all of our regions has been a strategic imperative for us. NDY have chosen to partner with HR Squad to develop our global leadership and talent programs, as the depth of experience in leadership development and facilitation HR Squad brings is a true differentiator for us. We will continue to build upon this across 2020, and are looking forward to working closely with HR Squad.

Genevieve Gowland

Normal Disney & YoungDirector, People & Culture